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December 11, 2016

Top Tools for Managing Your Next Project

Whether your team works remotely across the world, or right across the room, you need tools to manage your next project. What’s great about living in the information age is there’s no shortage of awesome project management tools on the marketplace.

Move over Excel, make way for the next generation of web-based project management resources. In this post, I’m listing the best project management resources you can use to make your next project a success.

So let’s take a look at the top tools you should consider for your team.

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Trello is the undisputed champ of project management tools. It’s extremely popular and for good reason. This free tool is attractive and easy to use. Collaborate with a team or organize your own thoughts. It’s flexible and accommodating, and allows you to create all of your projects in one place and on one screen.


Evernote is a note-taking app. To use Evernote for project management, first, collect content for your project from a mix of resources, including articles, photos, and spreadsheets. Next, share the information with your project’s stakeholders, including your team, your higher-ups, and the client. Finally, tag team members with specific tasks.


Not intended as a straightforward project management tool, Slack is a communication app that helps you and your team members stay connected with each other. Instead of relying on the often sluggish medium of email to communicate with your team, use Slack.

Slack is especially useful when working remotely. Through Slack, you can communicate in real-time and distribute images, pdfs, and other documents securely to your team. Plus, Slack integrates with other tools on this list, namely Trello.



Need to share a password with your team, but are afraid of sharing sensitive information with a large group? What happens if you lose a member of your team? Will you have to painstakingly change every password to avoid a breach in security? Not if you use Meldium. Meldium is a single sign-on password manager that allows you to share access without sharing secure information.


Use this tool to get daily updates from your team delivered straight to your inbox. iDoneThis works by sending an email to each member of your team, asking them what they’ve accomplished that day. The tool then compiles a digest of your team’s individual responses and then forwards it to you. iDoneThis is an easy way to stay informed of the status of each team member.

Google Drive

If you need to share office documents, such as spreadsheets, images, and text files, look no further than the free Google Drive. Google Drive is completely web-based, easy to use, and makes collaborating on shared documents easy to do. Google also provides each user with 15 GBs of storage space. Use this benefit to centrally store your project’s files in the cloud, and make them accessible to every member of your team.


Basecamp is one of the oldest and most respected project management tools. Create unlimited projects and assign project tasks to multiple team members. You can also enjoy enhanced search with Basecamp, making it quick and easy to find the very information that you’re looking for. One of my favorite features of Basecamp is its activity timeline where you can see who did what, and when in a visual record.


Azendoo simplifies the process of task management. Assign tasks to one or multiple individuals by creating detailed task cards. Create tasks without leaving your inbox. You can even export your tasks from a third party tool like Evernote. Azendoo makes team communication easy, also. Send realtime message, post polls, and share files and links.


When you’d like to allow others to schedule meetings or other events with you, be sure to use Calendly. The basic account is completely free, and the premium account is still quite affordable at $8/ per month. With Calendly, others can schedule unlimited meetings, webinars, classes, or more with you and your team. Calendly also sends automatic notifications on your behalf to confirm and remind of an upcoming meeting.


assistant to

Similar to Calendly, Assistant.to is a straightforward scheduling app. Use this tool to set up meetings without a whole bunch of emailing back and forth. Assistant.to is 100% free, and works as an extention on your browser.


LiquidPlanner is a predictive project management software. It works almost intuitively. You set it up by creating tasks, estimating how long each task will take, and then assigning a priority level. LiquidPlanner will use this information to predict how long it will take for the project to be completed.


The beautifully designed MeisterTask is a perfect tool for the visually oriented. Use this task management tool to create a new project, assign tasks, and have a bird’s eye overview of the entire project. Automate workflows, create checklists, and integrate with Google Drive, Zendesk, Dropbox, Slack, and more.

Active Collab

Active Collab is a robust project management solution that allows teams to track time, invoice, report, collaborate, and manage tasks in one central location. Filter tasks by due date, assigned team member, or label. You can also accept online payments directly through this tool, making it easier to work with clients.


Confluence is a wiki tool for your team. When you use Confluence, you can create and centralize your project’s documentation. This documentation will be available as a resource for your entire team. Your team can also leave comments and other feedback directly onto any Confluence page.


da pulse

Dapulse is a colorful and fun to use project management tool that prioritizes communication. Use Dapulse to create a searchable knowledge base, allowing you to quickly peruse files, projects, posts, and updates.


Similar in scope and function to Basecamp, Freedcamp is, well, free forever as the name suggests. Use Freedcamp to collaborate, manage tasks and resources, track issues, and create reports. The catch? You’ll only receive 200 MB of storage for use with Freedcamp and will eventually need to pay to upgrade your storage space.

Over to You

Do you have a favorite project management tool that’s not listed above? Share with us in the comments below.

Here’s a list of best practices for managing your next project. Subscribe to receive this extra resource. Click Here


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