Lisa Sasso, MBA, CPCC, ACC
Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker

Lisa Sasso – Executive Coach

I honestly feel that everyone can benefit from help and assistance of a supportive coach and that goes for me as well. I was partnered with Teresa Phillips under another coaches group marketing program. We worked well together and I found Teresa to be a good accountability partner. She asked me what I was working on and held me accountable to achieve my deadlines and the results that I desired. We also shared resources and knowledge with each other including best coaching practices. I have found Teresa to a hardworking, dedicated and driven individual. She is passionate about her coaching business and she give 100% to everything that she does. She is compassionate and empathetic and genuinely cares about others. It was random that we met up the way that we did, but I am glad that it happened. I have greatly enjoyed the time that we have spent working together and I would recommend Teresa to others.