Katharyn F. Daub, EdD, CTN-A, CNE, CLNC
School of Nursing, Univ. of Hawaii, Hilo

Katharyn F. Daub, University of Hawaii

I decided to work with Teresa when I first learned of the program and felt that it would fit our school’s needs for working together as we rapidly move forward in our profession. I was specifically looking at identifying how we could better work together based on our work setting styles…

Teresa was amazing!! Faculty were astounded at how accurate their assessment was and the day after the training many faculty said that this was the best training ever and they felt they understood each other in a much deeper and meaningful way .

I would highly recommend Teresa to others who want to make their organization a great place to work, to build a strong foundation for a solid business or learning environment , and to really implement the best practices for an organization with a high level of hardiness!!