Tracy Wood, President/Founder
1 Virtual Health

Tracy Wood – 1 Virtual Health

I met Teresa in 2013. I was quite impressed with her communication skills and professionalism. I engaged her as a corporate coach and I was not sorry that I did! I met my goals and objectives sooner than I anticipated. She kept our sessions on point without being “cold” or distant. She was enthusiastic without being fluffy or too outrageous. Teresa knows how to meet a client where they are. I had occasion to require her services again.

Teresa was flexible with my hectic schedule and was again, highly effective. I consider her an outstanding coach with excellent interpersonal skill. I have worked in a small group setting with people like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziggler and Ken Blanchard. I have worker one-on-one with folks like Mark Sheer, Keith Miller, and now Teresa Phillips. I will come back to her in the future for a refresher I am certain.