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December 26, 2016

5 Steps To Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever

As 2017 inches closer, we have an opportunity to close the books on 2016 and move on – making 2017 our best year yet!  If 2016 was an exceptional year for you; make a plan to duplicate your accomplishments in 2017.  If 2016 left you disappointed and you missed some of your goals, don’t worry, 2017 gives you a brand new opportunity for a “do-over.”    Want some questions to help guide your reflection and planning? Grab your 21 Extraordinary Goal Setting Questions Click Here

Here are 5 Steps To Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever


#1 REFLECT on 2016.

Most of us operate in a frenzy of activity. There’s work, family, friends, fitness, and more.  We have a lot of commitments and a lot of people who depend on us.

During all of this activity, how often do you stop, breathe, and give yourself quiet time to think about what you really want to accomplish?   What do you want your work to look like? What do you want your life to look like?

We all know the importance of reflecting on our goals but most of us are just too darned busy to stop long enough to actually make it happen.  The most common result is that we end up operating on auto-pilot doing the same things over and over again simply because “it’s what we’ve always done.”    But, is it really what you want?

The most successful people in the world take the time to slow down and think about their goals and they do it often.  Will you? Will you find a quiet place, take a few deep breaths and reflect?  Start with 2016.


  • Did you do the things that you set out to do? If not, what got in the way?
  • What was your greatest accomplishment?
  • What was your greatest disappointment?
  • What did you learn?

The last question is my favorite because even if you fell short on a goal, you still won! How? Because you learned what doesn’t work, you can use that learning to power through your 2017 goals.



#2 – RELEASE.  

Focusing on your missed targets is counterproductive.  If you let those negative messages take root, they will sap you of the energy you need to power through your 2017 goals.  You can’t change the past. All you can do is learn from it and do something different going forward. I know, it’s hard to let go of some things. We’re hardwired to like closure.   But let’s be honest here. We don’t always get the luxury of closure.  Sometimes, all we can do is focus on the things we can control or influence.

Practice letting things go!  What’s done is done.  If you’re not happy where you ended up, make a commitment to do something different.  Here’s another way of looking at it. You won because you set a goal.


Make them big. Make them bold. Make them motivating. Don’t feel locked into the same goals you set last year. It’s fine if you want to continue with them but your goals should be fluid. They should align with the things that are most important to you at this point of your life. Each year, we grow and change. If you’ve experienced a major life change like, marriage, divorce, getting or losing a job, then your values may have shifted also. If you’ve faced a major health issue or lost someone close, it may have you rethinking what’s important for your life. The good news is, “it’s your life and they’re your goals – no one else has to approve them.”  Just get them down.

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#4 –PLAN.

Once you have your goals, create a plan to help you achieve them. Your plan should include bite-sized steps you can take to move you toward your goal. Anything is possible when broken down into small steps. After all, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.  I hope your goals are big. I hope they challenge you.

Set yourself up for success right from the start.  If your goal is to change jobs in 2017, what steps will you take to get you there? What will you need to do daily/weekly/monthly? What new skills do you need to learn? When you have a goal and plan, you increase your chances of success. The more careful and detailed you are when you plan your activities, the more you will accomplish in less time.

The rule is that each minute you spent planning saves you 20 minutes in execution. This means that you get a 100% return on your investment of time in planning out days, weeks, and months in advance.


Of course, you have to actually DO something if you want to achieve your goals but there’s a powerful insider trick that the most successful people in world practice. It is the secret sauce to achieving your goals. It is the turbo charge that fuels achievement. We all have access to it and better yet, it’s free! You know what it is yet? I won’t keep you in limbo. It’s our brains.

Our brains do not distinguish between vividly imaged events and real events.   If you visualize yourself running a marathon, completing it, crossing the finish line, arms raised, happy tears flowing down your face, your brain doesn’t realize that it’s not actually happening.   I was blown away when I first learned this. Just think about the power that gives you to reach your goals!

The most successful people in the world already know this. Muhammad Ali pictured himself winning his fights before he ever stepped in the ring. Michael Jordan says he always pictured his shots going in the basket before he ever took the shot.  These super achievers know that the most powerful tool you have in your toolkit is your brain. By visualizing your success, you can trick your mind into believing you already achieved your goal.



Final Thoughts:

Now you’re armed with the most powerful tips and tools to make 2017 your best year yet. Don’t delay. Don’t procrastinate. Get started now. Happy New Year and Good Luck!  Want 21 Extraordinary Goal Setting Questions to help you plan?Click Here



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